2018 Honda Civic SR - £248 per month

Posted on 29th April 2019


Vehicle Information

Engine:1.0 litre
Current Mileage:6,600 miles (as of 29th April 2019)
Original Mileage:0 miles (at start of lease)
Exterior Colour:White
Interior Colour:Black
Full Service History:No
Accessories:Standard spec, which is super high. Only blemish on the car is a scuff on the front drivers wheel.

Lease Information

Monthly Payment:£248  (VAT included)
Lease Start:January 2018
Lease End:January 2021
Contract Months:36
Mileage allowance:6,000 miles per year
Excess Mileage charge:100 pence per mile over 18,000 miles
Payments remaining:4
Contract Type:Personal
Finance Type:Contract Hire

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