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How do I transfer my lease?

There are six basic steps to transferring your car lease:

  1. If you are looking to trade out of your current car lease then list your vehicle with TakeMyLease.co.uk. Registering and advertising your vehicle and lease is absolutely FREE and takes a couple of minutes to do. You should have a copy of your car lease agreement handy to answer some basic questions.

  2. Buyers come to TakeMyLease.co.uk and search for suitable short-term leases. We can be found on Google and other major search engines.

  3. Once the buyer has found a lease that meets their needs they will use the Contact Information on the Seller's advert to send a message via the website to the Seller's email address on file. The buyer will no doubt ask important questions such as the location of your vehicle, and may negotiate a cash incentive in order to bring down the cost of the lease. The buyer may also ask you to split any lease transfer fees so be prepared for this.

  4. Once an agreement has been reached between Buyer and Seller, the Seller contacts the original Leasing/Finance Company with the Buyer's details.

  5. The Buyer will have to prove their credit worthiness to the original Leasing/Finance Company before documents are sent out to both Buyer and Seller.

  6. Once the documents have been signed and any Lease Transfer Fees paid the deal is done!
NOTE: It is the Seller's responsibility to contact their Leasing/Finance Company and confirm that their lease can be sold to another party. Is it also important that Seller's familiarize themselves with any and all Lease Transfer costs the Lease/Finance Company may require.

Finally, if you manage to successfully get out of your lease do please drop us an email and let us know!

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