2019 Ford Ranger 3.2 Wildtrack - £370 per month

Posted on 23rd June 2020


Vehicle Information

Engine:3.2 litre
Current Mileage:9,081 miles (as of 23rd June 2020)
Original Mileage:0 miles (at start of lease)
Exterior Colour:White
Interior Colour:Grey
Full Service History:Yes
Accessories:Lift kit, Tow bar, Moutain top cover, KMC wheels & Maxxis tyres, Bodykit.

Lease Information

Monthly Payment:£370 + VAT
Lease Start:June 2019
Lease End:June 2022
Contract Months:36
Mileage allowance:12,000 miles per year
Excess Mileage charge:6 pence per mile over 36,000 miles
Payments remaining:21
Contract Type:Business
Finance Type:Contract Hire

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