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2019 Volkswagen Golf TDi GT - £240 per month

Posted on 12th July 2019

Zero down on this car! What are you waiting for?
BUYER INCENTIVE!!    Car is with VW Finance, and they will only transfer to a limited company , not individuals. Car is almost brand new

Vehicle Information

Engine:1.6 litre
Current Mileage:3,200 miles (as of 12th July 2019)
Original Mileage:0 miles (at start of lease)
Exterior Colour:White
Interior Colour:Black
Full Service History:Yes

Lease Information

Monthly Payment:£240  (VAT included)
Lease Start:April 2019
Lease End:April 2021
Contract Months:24
Mileage allowance:8,000 miles per year
Excess Mileage charge:6.98 pence per mile over 16,000 miles
Payments remaining:15
Contract Type:Personal
Finance Type:Contract Hire

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