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2017 Peugeot 108 - £116 per month

Posted on 30th June 2017

BUYER INCENTIVE!!    Lease is for 47 months - I have just lost my licence for 20 months - car is in perfect condition other than a little scratching on the passenger side hub - this car is excellent on petrol and has no road tax. I hate that I have to give it up. It's a dream to drive and has a fantastic sound system. I will miss it. I'm prepared to let it go for the duration of my ban should you want to take on the lease for a shorter time.

Vehicle Information

Engine:1.0 litre
Current Mileage:355 miles (as of 30th June 2017)
Original Mileage:65 miles (at start of lease)
Exterior Colour:Black
Interior Colour:Black
Full Service History:Yes

Lease Information

Monthly Payment:£116  (VAT included)
Lease Start:May 2017
Lease End:May 2017
Contract Months:0
Mileage allowance:6,000 miles per year
Excess Mileage charge:0 pence per mile over 65 miles
Payments remaining:-35
Contract Type:Personal
Finance Type:Finance Lease

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